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Be the first alchemist to perfect the potion of immortality — or die trying. 

Chaotic Concoction is a 3-4 player card game where you play as an alchemist trying to create a potion of immortality. There's just one catch — there’s only one pot to brew it in. Everyone takes turns throwing in ingredients, trying to complete their own version of the recipe. But with everyone adding to the potion, things can quickly go wrong. 

Certain combinations of ingredients trigger unpredictable and sometimes explosive effects, and creating too much chaos can even take you out. The more ingredients you add, the more chaos ensues.

Play Here

Be sure to download the rules below!

Or, create your own private room with the instructions below:

Install instructions

  1. First, download the Rules.pdf and Chaotic_Concoction.pcio files. 
  2. To create your own room to play Chaotic Concoction, go to https://playingcards.io/import/.
  3. Drag the Chaotic_Concoction.pcio file you downloaded onto the page, or browse and select it.
  4. Wait for it to load, then hit Enter.

Now just share the URL with your friends and send them the Rules.pdf. You're ready to play!


Rules.pdf 24 MB
Chaotic_Concoction.pcio 12 MB

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