A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In Flock Together, fly over miles of watercolor earth, representing a personal journey of self-acceptance and finding your chosen family. Scattered over the world, are other birds like you, some in flocks, some alone. Your goal is to meet other birds, befriending at first the lonely ones, and then larger groups. This buildup of strength, both through a growing family, and through increasing confidence, reflects the progress we hope to make in our young adulthood.

Created by Ben Paulsen & Zac Nizibian

Install instructions


Double click the .dmg file. Drag Flock Together into your Applications folder. Double click Flock Together to play.

If you get a pop-up saying you can't open the game, navigate to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy. Under the General tab, click Open Anyway. Then click Open in the pop-up.


FlockTogether.zip 44 MB
FlockTogether.dmg 50 MB

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